Welcome, Citizen

Welcome to Earth

As a newly-born citizen of the planet Earth, GenTech corporation wishes to welcome you in your brand-new body, designed to provide maximum comfort and health for the duration you are allowed to occupy it under this license.

Please note that all users of GenTech bodies are subject to the rules and regulations described in this license, and any citizens found to be in breach of the conditions so stated may be punished under the international laws set and enforced by the World Trade Organization.

Use of this body is considered to be acceptance of the terms of this license.

GenTech corporation reserves the right to refuse maintenance to any GenTech body user found to be engaged in criminal activities as defined by the laws of the World Trade Organization. Note that international trade legislation has defined as punishment confiscation of the GenTech body from the user for certain criminal activities.

Your GenTech body is identified with a unique, 15-digit serial number - at any time you may be asked to identify yourself to World Trade officials, or software operated by the World Trade Organization, in which case you must provide your own unique serial number. Failure to do so is considered a criminal offense under World Trade laws.

Any and all parts of your GenTech body are copyrighted by GenTech corporation and as such are the intellectual property of GenTech. Any attempt to copy, duplicate or make unathorized modifications to your GenTech body may void your warranty and may subject you to prosecution under the International Intellectual Property Act.

By accepting the terms of this license, you absolve GenTech corporation and its subsidiaries from liability incurred by any malfunction in the body once you have started to use it. GenTech will not be responsible for damages or defects caused by user misuse, acts of nature, war or as a result of engagement in criminal activity.

Original material licensed for the creative commons by keshet anderson