A Short Dream

I had a short dream. I was wandering through an old, dusty house, through passages and doorways made of wood. Behind a low door I heard a small scratching sound. I opened the door and saw God sitting there. I knew it was God because when he looked at me he smiled and as he smiled a light radiated from his face and filled my body, my mind, my being - I felt my conciousness expand further and further until, just before I left my body completely, it stopped. God let me settle back into physical existence.

He waited for me to ask the question and I knew he knew what I wanted to ask but was not prepared to answer until I made the effort to ask. To move my lips, vibrate my vocal chords seemed suddenly to be an impossible task, to form the words and create an image of sound in his universe was beyond me but I managed at last to form a faint whispered "why?.."

He smiled, pleased that I managed to create something and the radiation of his smile again began to wash through me with the force of a sun. I tried to maintain my identity in the whirl of energy which was about to scatter my conciousness, tried with all my might to remain there just to hear and understand his answer.

And when the answer came it was so faint that I had to strain to hear, to strain to believe I was hearing it and not making it up, and what I heard was: "I.. don't.... know...." and suddenly I was in a little wooden room in a dusty old house and sitting in front of me was a lonely old man, bent from too many years of existence, whose large empty eyes saw neither me, the room or even himself.

Original material licensed for the creative commons by keshet anderson